About Us

We are passionate about our work and care deeply for the people we serve.  As we grow, we attract talent with that same mindset.  In all of our diversity the one thing you'll find is that we universally hold strong convictions around honor and respect towards the people for whom we work.

 We actually have fun doing what we do.  Many of us have backgrounds in the entertainment industry as writers, performers and technicians.  The day came when we had to get "real jobs" and so, marketing and corporate communications became a natural fit.

Video production is our strong suit.  We understand how to develop a powerful strategy for using video and produce stories that help our clients promote the good work they do and gain more influence in the marketplace.


“Ted knows his stuff. We used Ted for a number of projects over the years at Thomson and Thomson Reuters. Be the project a "simple" global earnings discussion with 200 employees or a major senior executive conference, his calm demeanor, can-do attitude and deep knowledge of technology solutions were always something we could count on. I heartily recommend him.” Jay Spach - Thomson Reuters


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